Victorian Temporary allocation

For sale

Murray River Below Choke (Zone 7)

Volume (ML)Price ($)/MLSplit 

Murray River Above Choke (Zone 6)

Volume (ML)Price ($)/MLSplit 

Murray River Below Choke ( Zone 6B)

Volume (ML)Price ($)Split

Goulburn River (Zone 1A)

Volume (ML)Price ($)/MLSplit 

Ground Water 

Volume ( ML )Price / MLSplitZone

Wanted to buy

Volume (ML)PriceStateZone/ DetailsSplit? 
200 - 300$80 - $90VicZone 6New
200$75VicZone 6Revised
500$120VicZone 7New
500$100 - $105VicZone 7New
150 - 200@ MarketVicZone 7Revised

For the most up to date data on Victorian allocation sales, see the Victorian Water Registry