About us

Macgregor Greer

0418 808 136


Macgregor is Managing Director of National Water Brokers. After 6 years as Senior Broker with one of Australia’s leading brokerage firms, Mac could see there were opportunities to better service his key clients.

His brainchild, National Water Brokers was born in September 2012 and seven years on has gone from strength to strength.

After taking on a new CEO in January 2013, Mac has moved the company a step closer to making National Water Brokers one of the country’s leading brokers. He is also a member of the Australian Water Brokers Association.


Duncan McDonald

0438 428 607


Duncan is the CEO of the company and Vice President of the Australian Water Brokers Association, stepping down this year from President. He comes to National Water Brokers with over 30 years’ experience in the conveyancing industry, 25 years of that as a partner or proprietor of conveyancing practices.

Duncan brings a wealth of experience to the team. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Geography) and a Graduate Diploma in Property and he is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws.

He wrote elements of the conveyancing course at the University of South Australia and was an active member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (SA) Inc. for 25 years. His work as a Conveyancer has seen him gain substantial experience in the development and negotiation of major projects with a strong focus on liaison with project principals, contractors, public boards and trustees.

Thank you again for choosing to conduct your water transactions through National Water Brokers. Our aim is to make your water trades as simple, cost effective and efficient as possible

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