Victorian Permanent

For sale

Volume (ML)Price ($)StateZone/DetailsSplit
336480Vic Low-Reliability1A Goulburnyes
102480Vic Low-Reliability1A Goulburnno
108500Vic Low-Reliability1A GoulburnNo
954900Vic High Reliability WET1A Goulburnno
353.75000Vic High Reliability with balance allocation1A Goulburnno
32.87000Vic High ReliabilityZone 7no
47.5ML$500Victorian Low ReliabilityGoulburn 1AYes
60.5ML$500Victorian Low ReliabilityGoulburn 1AYes
32.07800Vic High ReliabilityZone 7Yes
500ML$410Vic Low-Reliability1B BoortYes

Wanted to buy

Volume (ML)PriceStateZone/DetailsSplit
400$5800VICZone 7 HRyes
300$4550VICZone 6 HRyes
250$4550VICZone 6 HRY
400$5900VICZone 7 HRY
40-50$mktVICZone 7 LRY

For the most up to date data on Victorian permanent water sales, see the Victorian Water Registry