Victorian Permanent

For sale

Volume (ML)Price ($)/MLStateZone/DetailsSplit
500$7000Vic High Reliability- WETZone 7TBA
17.4$900Vic Low ReliabilityZone 7No
25$4700Vic High Reliability-DRYZone 6No
10-60$4500Vic High Reliability-DRYZone 6No
140$600Vic Low - ReliabilityZone 6Yes
108$500Vic Low-Reliability1A GoulburnNo
300$500Vic Low-Reliability1A GoulburnTBA

Wanted to buy

Volume (ML)PriceStateZone/Details
500$400Vic Low ReliabilityZone 1A
400$390Vic Low ReliabilityZone 1A
100-150$400Vic Low ReliabilityZone 1A
100$360Vic Low ReliabilityZone 1A
80$4200Vic High Reliability-WETZone 6
300-200$4000Vic High Reliability- WETZone 6
100@ MarketVic High Reliability- WETZone 6
1000-1500$550Vic Low ReliabilityZone 6
2-4$6400Vic High Reliability-WETZone 7
50$5000Vic High ReliabilityZone7
1100$760Vic Low ReliabilityZone 7
200@ MarketVic Low ReliabilityZone 7
20$6000Vic High Reliability- WETZone 7

For the most up to date data on Victorian permanent water sales, see the Victorian Water Registry