NSW Permanent

For sale

VolumePriceStateZone DetailsSplit?
500@ Market 1.7.2021NSW Murrumbidgee Zone 3. Ground WaterNo

Wanted to buy

Volume (ML)PriceStateZone/ DetailsSplit? 
100$6800NSWZ13 Murrumbidgee- HS- WET
100@MarketNSWZ13 Murrumbidgee- HS- WET
50$6000NSWZ13 Murrumbidgee MIA New
500$2000NSWZ13 Murrumbidgee -GSYes
1000$2000NSWZ13 Murrumbidgee -GS
1000$1900NSWZ13 Murrumbidgee GSYes
700$2150NSWZone 13 Murrumbidgee GSRevised
500 - 1000$2000NSWZ13 Murrumbidgee GSNew
500 - 1000$2100NSWZ13 Murrumbidgee GSNew
40$2100NSWZ 11 - General Security
100 - 200$2100NSWZ11 General SecurityNew
100@ MarketNSWZ 11- High Security- WET
10 - 20$8400NSWZ11 High SecurityNew
20@ MarketNSWZ11 High SecurityNew
200$8300.00 Dry or
$8500.00 Wet
NSWZ11 High SecurityNew
900$1650NSWZ 10 Murray GSRevised
1000$1650NSWZ 10 Murray GSNew


MLPriceStateArea / Details
724.1$8500NSWZone 11
10$1750NSWZone 11

For the most up to date data on NSW permanent water sales, see the NSW Water Register