NSW Permanent

For sale

Volume (ML ) Price ($ )/MLStateZone / DetailsSplit
40$2600NSWZone 13 GS - WETNo
500$2600NSWZone 13 GS- DRYYes to 100ML
100$9000NSWZone 13 HS- WETYes
33$9500NSWZone13 HS - DRYNo
50$9000NSWZone 13 HS- WETYes
200$9000NSWZone 11 HS - DRYYes
400$2600NSWZone 10- GS DryYes
883$750 - $800NSWSupplementary Water - Zone 6 - Billabong and Forest CreekYes, min 200ML
1000$700NSWLachlan Fold Belt MDBYes
468$1000NSWBarwon Unregulated Class AYes

Wanted to buy

NSW Permanent Entitlement Buying

Volume (ML)PriceStateZone/ Details
<20ML$8500NSWZone 13 Murrumbidgee- HS- WET
1000$2600NSWZone 13 Murrumbidgee -GS
1000$1650NSWZone 10 Murray GS
500$8500NSWZone 10 Murray HS
50$2600NSWZone 11 GS
57$1700-$2000NSWMacquire GS
17$1000NSWPeel Fractured Rock Groundwater Source


For the most up to date data on NSW permanent water sales, see the NSW Water Register