SA Permanent

For sale

Volume (ML)Price ($)StateZone /DetailsSplit
2.28000SAMcLaren Vale groundwaterno
506000SAAngas Bremer PWA undergroundyes
353500SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater - Mitchell Creekyes
803000SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater - Charleston Adelaidean MAyes
103.843100SAEastern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater - Bremer Adelaideanyes
83000SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater - Hahndorfno
3.7352500SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater , Aldgate Creek MAno
10.7462100SAMarne Saunders Undergroundno
252500SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater - Biggs Flat Management Zoneyes
7510000SAClass 3 River Murrayyes
1637500SAClass 3 River Murrayyes
1207500SAClass 3 River Murrayyes
257500SACIT Irrigation Trustno
4.92500SAWestern Mt Lofty Watercourse - Torrens Riverno

Wanted to buy

Volume (ML)PriceStateZone / DetailsSplit?
200$6000SAClass 3aY
200$5900SAClass 3a y
1$8,000SAClass 1Y
5$2200SAEMLR 6th Creek Zonen
300$5800SAClass 3aY
300$6000SAClass 3aY
100$5600SAClass 3aY
102500SAEMLR Northern Kanmantoo ZoneN
402000SAWMLR Western Branch SurfaceY
2-52000SAWMLR Western Branch UndergroundY
any parcels8500SAClass 1 or 5y
506500SAClass 3ano
506500SAClass 3yes

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