SA Permanent

For sale

Volume (ML)Price ($)/MLStateZone /DetailsSplit 
25$8,220 - WetSARiver Murray Class 3 - Private IrrigatorNo
35$8,000 - WetSARiver Murray Class 3 No
53$7,900 - DrySARiver Murray Class 3 No
4.64$8,000 - WetSARiver Murray Class 3 No
35$3500SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater - Mitchell CreekYes
4.9$2500SAWestern Mt Lofty Watercourse - Torrens RiverNo
8.06$2500SAWestern Mt Lofty Watercourse - Onkaparinga RiverNoNew
10$2750SAWestern Mt Lofty Groundwater - Kenton Valley UWMZNoTo be confirmed
3.735$2500SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater , Aldgate Creek MANo
2.45$2300SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater , Zone 21 , Sixth CreekRevised
83.84$3100SAEastern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater - Bremer AdelaideanYes
90.862$3000 onoSAEastern Mt Lofty Ranges Surface water - Bugle RangesYesNew
20.52 - Wet$3000 SAEastern Mt Lofty Ranges - Bremer Adelaidean Management zoneNew
9.35$2500SAEastern Mt Lofty Ranges- Angas Kanmantoo Management ZoneNo
10.746$2100SAMarne Saunders UndergroundNo
18.102$3000SAMarne Saunders Unconfined Aquifer 1, Renmark Group AquiferYesNew
5.455$3000SAZone T2 ( > 5kms from Virginia )No
19.71$3000SAEastern Mount Lofty Ranges. Bremer Adelaidean Management ZoneyesNew

Wanted to buy

210000SAMcLaren Vale Ground Water
5-10MarketSAClass 1 or 5New
.5MarketSAClass 1 New
10 - 20MarketSAClass 1 or 5New
100MarketSAClass 1 or 5New
100$6000 WETSAClass 3A
100Market - WetSAClass 3A New
10 - 50
6500SAClass 3
1006700SAClass 3New
100 - 5007000SAClass 3New
15$6700 DrySAClass 3New
100$7750SAClass 3New
5$6500 DrySAClass 3New
5 - 10MarketSAClass 3New
102500SAEMLR Northern Kanmantoo surface
402000SAWMLR Western Branch Surface
51500SAWMLR Western Branch MZ
52500SAWMLR Upper Onkaparinga Management Zone
22000SAMcLaren Vale Groundwater.West Fault
2 - 52000SAWMLR Western Branch underground
8@ MarketSAWMLR Zone 28 Upper Paringa

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