SA Permanent

For sale

Volume (ML)Price ($)/MLStateZone /DetailsSplit
7.769$2,500SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges (Fleurieu Permean)No
80.17$3500SAWestern mt LoftyRanges ( Charleston Adelaidean & Kenton Valley) Zone 17 & 14Yes
35$3500SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater - Mitchell Creek- Zone 26Yes
4.9$2500SAWestern Mt Lofty Watercourse - Torrens RiverNo
8.06$2500SAWestern Mt Lofty Watercourse - Onkaparinga RiverNo
2.45$2300SAWestern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater , Zone 21 , Sixth CreekNo
80$2500SAWestern Mount Lofty Ranges Groundwater.Zone 24Yes
152500SAWestern Mount Lofty Ranges -Lower Gawler River. Zone 1No
7.84$2750SAWestern Mount Lofty Ranges ( Kenton Valley ). Zone 17Yes
60$2000SAWestern Mount Lofty Ranges ( Surfaace Water Yankalilla)Yes
24$2500SAWestern Mount Lofty Ranges.( Zone 28 Lenswood )No
83.84$3100SAEastern Mt Lofty Ranges Groundwater - Bremer Adelaidean.Zone 20Yes
20.52 $2800SAEastern Mt Lofty Ranges - Bremer Adelaidean Management zone_WETNo
9.35$2500SAEastern Mt Lofty Ranges- Angas Kanmantoo Management ZoneNo
19.71$3000SAEastern Mount Lofty Ranges. Bremer Adelaidean Management Zone 20Yes
10$2250SAEastern Mount Lofty Ranges-Angas River Surface WaterNo
23.27$1800SAMarne Saunders GroundwaterNo
26.086$2500SAMarne Saunders GroundwaterNo
18$2500SAMarne Saunders GroundwaterNo
20.9$2500SAMarne Saunders Groundwater ( Murray Group limestone ( Unconfined Management Zone 1)).Yes
8.8$2500SAMyponga RiverNo
48$8500SAClass 3 - WETYes
10$8050SAClass 3- WETNo
79$8125SAClass 3 - WETNo
5$7500SAClass 3 CIT WETNo
6$7300SAClass 3 CIT WETNo
20$7100SAClass 3 CIT WETNo

Wanted to buy

.5MarketSAClass 1
10 - 20$6000SAClass 1 or 5
20MarketSAClass 1 or 5
10 - 50
$6500SAClass 3
5$1500SAWMLR Western Branch MZ
5$2500SAWMLR Upper Onkaparinga Management Zone
8@ MarketSAWMLR Zone 28 Upper Paringa
10$3000SANAP Groundwater (-25 to -30m potentiometric contour)
410@ MarketSAZone 5A-Lower Limestone coast Groundwater

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